Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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Selecting the perfect e-cigarette starter kit can be sometimes confusing and frustrating if you are a newbie, so here are few golden words that might enlighten you about what you should be looking for in an e-cigarette starter kit and how to minimise dissatisfaction with the product at the end of the smoke.
Go through the article and match up yourself with the most suitable one!

Starter kits are an assembly of all the necessary items to quickly launch you in the world of vaping.
Almost all of the kits include battery (one or more), charger (USB port), cartomizer/clearomizer/atomizer and tanks- all depending on the make of e-cigarette.  Along with this, as the price of the e-cig starter kits go higher, so does the variety of accessories. For example, some kits have PCC (personal charging case) packed into it.  While some offer USB passthrough, carrying case, etc.  Depending on your budget, choose the one that pleases you the most!  A word of caution: ensure whether your kit contains pre-filled cartridges or e-liquid separately or not.  If not, buy e-liquid bottles or tanks too. You wouldn't want to be surprised when you receive your parcel!

If you are comfortable using e-cigs that hardly resemble the analog ones, the twist batteries are one we’d recommend.  They last longer than most others in the market. If you are a new convert, go for e-Roll: it completely resembles the tobacco cigs and help you make your transition to the vaping world!
Here is a fun way to sum up:-

Just a beginner?
In this case you would rather be peacefully introduced to e-cigarette world with clean e-cig technologies than the complex ones. Always go for clearomiser supported kits at the start. They are mostly ready-to-smoke-out-of-the-box e-cigarettes, no hassle of punching, fitting, and all the uncalled processes.
Just use it and when it’s over, go for a new one. It’s that simple!
Products with E2 Clearomizers in starter kits deserves mention because of its 6ml cartridge capacity, in spite of which it is sleeker.

Lesser indoor and more outdoor for your job? 
Get one PCC supported kit. Really!  It’s necessary.  You might need to recharge your e-cigarette sooner or later and if there’s no current source under the sun, your PCC rescues you.  Besides it protects damage to the generally weak threading of cartomisers.  Some products that include PCC are VAPOURSTIX PCC Deluxe Starter kits, eRolls, etc.

Classy and cannot compromise with taste?
Go for e-cigarettes with changeable atomiser system, they not only make e-smoking economical but improves taste as it stops mixing of flavours. Examples eRoll, eGo C and others.

Hope it helped!